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A didactically sound example-ontology for teaching description logics in OWL 2


Over the years several OWL ontologies have been published to serve as training examples in teaching the principles of description logics and ontology development to a wide audience.
As some of these resources make no commitment to the biomedical target domain, they increase the learning threshold by adding the burden of an unfamiliar topic area in addition to the technicalities and the intended domain independent description logics principles.We argue that the outstanding role of formal ontologies in the life sciences is important enough to warrant a robust teaching ontology that is optimized for the biomedical ontology novice intending to learn the basics of description logics in OWL 2. We present a list of requirements for user compliant teaching ontologies and exemplify these in the ZooAnimal Ontology justifying design decisions with intuitive teaching examples and exercises, carried out and tested in a didactical teaching effort, the GoodOD summer school:

The GoodOD Project, http://www.iph.uni-rostock.de/Good-Ontology-Design.902.0.html
Boeker, M et al. “Teaching Good Biomedical Ontology Design” In: Proceedings of the 3rdInternational Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO), 2012.

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Overall Class Structure:

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Example Usages in an Ontology Engineering Teaching Curriculum

Example exercises from the GoodOD curriculum, illustrating the ZooAnimal ontology in use:  A) Example of a task in the curriculum within the Relations-Module. The students had to add the missing object properties (red) to a given graph excerpt from the Zoo Animal ontology. B) An exercise from the DL intro module, where the students had to fill in missing constructors and operators for given ontologic statements.

Example curriculum Exercise: Label relations

Competency Questions

Here we list a few queries our ontology (or an annotated data set/knowledgebase?) should be able to provide correct answers for:
Competency Questions currently beyond the scope:

Extensions discussed

Further classes and potential patterns that were discussed to be included:

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ZooAminals.owl is provided free of cost, is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License and is, of course, provided without any warranty.
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This work is supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG) as part of the research project JA 1904/2-1, SCHU 2515/1-1 GoodOD (Good Ontology Design)